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State of Texas NIGP Commodity Book Class 913

(Revised January, 2016)

NOTE:The official NIGP Commodity Book is copyrighted material to be used for reference purposes only and may not be reproduced without a license from Periscope Holdings, Inc.

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Descriptions for NIGP Class 913

913-10 Construction: Airport Roadway, Runway and Taxiway
913-13Construction, Bridge and Drawbridge, Including Reconstruction and Rehabilitation
913-15 Construction, Canal or Aquaduct
913-16Construction, Communication Equipment, Including Antenna Towers
913-19Construction, Curb and Gutter, Including Maintenance, Repair, and Removal Services
913-23 Construction, Defense and Military Structure
913-27 Construction, Highway and Road
913-36 Construction, Parking Lot and Alley
913-38 Construction, Chilled Water Pipe Installation
913-39 Construction, Pipe Culvert
913-40 Construction, Pipeline
913-41Construction, Power Lines, Including Installation, Maintenance and Repair Services
913-44 Construction, Railroad
913-45 Construction, Sewer and Storm Drain
913-47Construction, Sidewalk and Driveway, Including Pedestrian and Handicap Ramps
913-48Construction, Special Foundation
913-50Construction, Streets, Major and Residential, Including Reconstruction
913-55 Construction, Tunnel
913-56Construction, Utility and Underground Projects
913-57 Construction, Vaulted Sidewalk
913-58 Construction, Viaduct (Includes Reconstruction)
913-59 Construction and Upgrades, Wastewater Treatment Plant
913-60Construction, Water System, Plants, Main and Service Line
913-61Construction, Vertical, Concrete, Pour-In-Place, Form, Place, Finish
913-62Construction, Concrete, Pour-In-Place, Form, Place, Finish
913-63 Lime Slurry Removal Services
913-64 Maintenance and Repair: Airport Roadway, Runway and Taxiway
913-65*Maintenance, Repair, and Removal Services, Antenna Tower and other Communication Equipment
913-66 Maintenance and Repair, Bridges
913-67 Maintenance, Repair, and Operation of Drawbridges
913-68 Maintenance and Repair, Canal
913-69 Maintenance and Repair, Defense and Military Structure
913-71Maintenance and Repair, Highway and Roads, Including Removal of Asphalt, Concrete, Bitumens, etc.
913-75 Maintenance and Repair, Parking Lot and Alley
913-77 Maintenance and Repair, Pipe Culvert
913-78Maintenance and Repair, Pipeline, Including Removal and Relocation
913-81Maintenance and Repair, Sewer and Storm Drain, Including Removal
913-82Maintenance and Repair, Sidewalk and Driveway, Including Removal
913-84Maintenance and Repair, Streets, Major and Residential
913-88 Maintenance and Repair, Tunnel
913-89Maintenance and Repair, Utility and Underground Projects
913-90 Maintenance and Repair, Viaduct
913-91 Maintenance and Repair, Wastewater Treatment Plant
913-92 Maintenance and Repair, Water System, Main and Service Line
913-94Paving and Resurfacing, Alley and Parking Lot
913-95Paving and Resurfacing, Highway and Road
913-96Paving and Resurfacing, Streets, Major and Residential

    * - This item may contain an Automated Information Systems(AIS)/Telecommunications component or service.

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