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Glenn Hegar
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State of Texas NIGP Commodity Book Class 911

(Revised January, 2016)

NOTE:The official NIGP Commodity Book is copyrighted material to be used for reference purposes only and may not be reproduced without a license from Periscope Holdings, Inc.

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Descriptions for NIGP Class 911

911-01C.I.P., Advertising
911-02C.I.P., A/E Miscellaneous
911-03C.I.P., Archeological and Environment Surveys
911-04C.I.P., Architect/Engineer Extra Services
911-06C.I.P., Archeological
911-07C.I.P., Architectural and Engineering Services
911-08C.I.P., Asbestos
911-09C.I.P., Audio Visual Equipment, Capital
911-10C.I.P., Audio Visual Equipment, Expense
911-12C.I.P., Building Studies
911-13C.I.P., Commissioning
911-14C.I.P., Construction Contingency
911-15C.I.P., Construction and Rehabilitation, Other than Buildings
911-16C.I.P., Construction and Rehabilitation, Buildings
911-17C.I.P., Construction, Roads
911-18C.I.P., Construction Testing
911-19C.I.P., Cost Estimate Verification
911-20C.I.P., Demolition Contingency
911-22C.I.P., Demolition Contract
911-24C.I.P., Endangered Species
911-25C.I.P., Energy Management System
911-26C.I.P., Environmental Factors
911-27C.I.P., Equipment, Capitalized
911-28C.I.P., Equipment, Controlled
911-29C.I.P., Equipment, Expensed
911-30C.I.P., Fabrication of Equipment
911-31C.I.P., Fiberoptics
911-32C.I.P., Fire Alarm System
911-35C.I.P., Hazardous Materials
911-36C.I.P., HVAC Balancing Services
911-40C.I.P., Land Surveying Services
911-41C.I.P., Landscaping
911-43C.I.P., Movable Furnishings
911-45C.I.P., Movable Furnishings Contingency
911-46C.I.P., Other Services
911-47C.I.P., Preconstruction Reimbursable
911-48C.I.P., Preconstruction Services
911-49C.I.P., Program of Requirements
911-50C.I.P., Project Management and Administration, Move Furniture
911-51C.I.P., Project Management and Administration
911-52C.I.P., Project Management and Administration Surveys
911-55C.I.P., Security System
911-56C.I.P., Site Evaluation Analysis
911-57C.I.P., Soil Investigation
911-58C.I.P., Special Consultants
911-64C.I.P., Utilities
911-67C.I.P., Wind Tunnel Testing
911-70Capitalized Construction Interest
911-72Design / Bid Contingency
911-73Domestic Hot Water
911-75Electricity Contracts
911-77Facilities and Other Improvements
911-79Gas Contracts
911-81Heavy Construction Resold to Departments
911-85Special Trade Constructon, Power Plant
911-87Storm Drainage
911-95Waived Utility Expense.

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